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We are a stable company in the convenience business and feel a lot of our success is because we are stimulated versus frustrated by handling a variety of activities and interacting with a variety of people. The way you handle this variety can create a pleasant atmosphere to work in, and can make your day more interesting than if you were doing the same thing all day long.

Much of our success comes from how pleasant our partners are, it’s also why people often comment that they hear Stewart’s can be an enjoyable place to work. We think a large part of this is because our partners own 1/3 of the company and that ownership positively impacts the relationships they have with customers, partners, and vendors.

We work in small groups where we help and rely on one another and everybody knows who is effective and who is not. Having open and honest conversations can create trust, make the atmosphere more enjoyable and our jobs easier, being candid allows us to make long term fair deals.

Our vertical integration, with our own manufacturing plant, warehouse, and distribution system gives us the control to offer our customers quality products at a reasonable price, which can make it easier for partners to sell. It also provides strong support from our marketing, maintenance, accounting and personnel departments. This makes our jobs easier because we can adapt to change quickly in a rapidly moving world and can provide the support you need to answer a question or solve a problem, if you can understand and use the support.

With almost 4,500 partners in over 330 shops and departments we use Reasons vs. Rules to teach, make decisions, and problem solve, there are too many different situations to have a one size fits all solution. If you like to work through situations and make decisions with Reasons; you may find our environment stimulating. If you require a rule for everything, you could be frustrated here because rules are not effective given the variety of activities and the variety of people we deal with everyday. These reasons may help you make decisions outside of work in your personal life.

With such a variety of jobs in various locations, people usually can find something of interest. If you are curious to learn more about our current opportunities and to see if there is a fit for you here at Stewart’s, click here.